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Join Team Hyland's in Big Bear

Are you looking for an amazing November race with an amazing group of people?
Apply now to join Team Hyland's at the Revel Big Bear Marathon for an awesome race weekend!
Team Hyland's at Finish Line Party
Whether you are hoping to lock in a BQ, snag a new PR, or just tackle a scenic net-downhill course, this race is perfect for you!
The Revel Big Bear Marathon is run on an incredibly fast and remarkably beautiful downhill course that drops over 5000 ft as it journeys from the majestic mountains and pristine forests of Big Bear to the foothills of Redlands, California. 
So, if you are ready to take on the challenge of this epic course, and you don’t want to go it alone, apply now to join Team Hyland’s!
Team Hyland's Runner Jessica at Revel Marathon
Why should I run with Hyland's?
Well, first of all, when you run with Team Hyland’s you are truly joining a team, with benefits that extend beyond an awesome race weekend. Hyland’s Leg Cramps is proud to help athletes achieve their goals on race day and every day, and as a member of the Hyland’s Powered family, you’ll gain access to a year-round supportive, dynamic group of athletes nationwide.
If selected for our team, you’ll also receive:
  • A complimentary entry to run the Full Marathon distance event at Revel Big Bear,
  • Up to $300 in pre-approved reimbursed travel expenses,
  • A personalized training plan from Hyland’s-own, USATF-certified running coach, Mike Ehredt,
  • Awesome custom Hyland’s apparel,
  • And our Hyland’s Powered sport pack, which includes your favorite pain relief and recovery products.
Hyland's Runner at Big Bear Marathon Finish Party
What is expected of Team Hyland’s runners?
All team members should enthusiastically embrace being part of the Hyland’s Team by:
  • Training hard and having fun!
  • Participating whole-heartedly with the team, throughout the campaign and on race weekend, including:
    - Joining and engaging in the exclusive Hyland’s Fall Marathon Facebook group,
    - Participating in race weekend official team activities,
    - And proudly racing in your Hyland’s branded singlet.
  • Participating in our campaign documenting your marathon journey, including:
    - Partnering with our team to tell your training and race weekend story through photos, videos, and written pieces.
    - Sharing through your own social media.
  • Being mentally and physically prepared to complete the Revel Big Bear Marathon on November 13, 2021.

Deadline to apply is 11:59 PM PDT on July 18, 2021.  Candidates will be notified of selection prior to August 6, 2021.

Who’s eligible?

To be considered for Team Hyland’s, applicant must be a U.S. resident, 18 years of age or older and have previously completed a full distance marathon or at least three half-marathons.

I am already registered to run this races; can I still run with Hyland’s?

Yes! Runners who are already registered for Revel Big Bear but want to be part of something bigger and experience the training, the race and the weekend with people who share their passion are encouraged to apply to join Team Hyland’s. If accepted, you would receive the full Team Hyland’s experience, including the Hyland’s Powered apparel and products, as well as training from Mike Ehredt. However, you would not be eligible for travel reimbursement.

I have my own race day apparel; can I run with Hyland’s but wear my own stuff?

No, wearing the official Hyland’s Powered singlet during the event is a requirement for all Team Hyland’s members.

What are Hyland's Leg Cramps?

Hyland's Leg Cramps has been America's #1 leg cramp relief solution for over twenty-five years. Taken at the first onset of symptoms, Hyland's delivers fast-acting relief of leg, calf and foot cramps when you need it most. The flavorless tablets dissolve quickly under your tongue, no water needed and no stomach discomfort to provide a convenient on-the-go application. As we like to say at Hyland's, Stop Your Cramp, Not Your Race.
* Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

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